Ball Vocab 3: Ways of Describing Participants

In this series of “Ball Vocab” posts, the vocabulary and descriptions have been adapted from several excellent and comprehensive lists maintained by House of Enigma, and reorganized here for ease of use in the rehearsal room. Terms in red appear in the playtext. Please note that definitions and slang are, by nature, flexible, and may change in specificity or connotation depending on who you’re talking to.  Lists are not comprehensive.

A Vogue Femme performer with softer and daintier execution

Banjy (adjective)
The street-savvy look; also, looking like “rough trade.”  (Also spelled: banjee)

Ultra feminine; also, interchangeable with “ovah”

A Vogue Femme performer with dramatic and stunt-filled execution

Fishy (adj.)
To look like a woman, Not like a man dressed like a woman. “Fish” is used to denote authenticity.

A title paired with a particular category winner, either currently or consistently. Examples include: label god (always “serves” this category — head to toe, and often layers), and face goddess (dare anyone defy her?)

A ballroom history maker; beyond the status of a Legend.

Noun: a close pal; adjective: characterized by favoritism, as in a judge that gives high scores based on friendship.

A multi-trophy winner, with a ballroom history; a veteran; known to all

Variation of “over,” meaning “very impressive,” also “cunty” or “sickening”; “legendary” on occasion

Someone currently known for winning a particular category. Rulers come and go, but Legends are forever!

An undesirable person, or described as such; low rated

An up-and-coming Legend; a frequent winner that is making a name for themselves

An up-and-coming Star; not always winning, but frequently “getting your tens.”

First-timer, never walked (a particular category) ever.

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