Ball Vocab 6: Other Lingo of Ball & House Culture

In this series of “Ball Vocab” posts, the vocabulary and descriptions have been adapted from several excellent and comprehensive lists maintained by House of Enigma, and reorganized here for ease of use in the rehearsal room. Terms in red appear in the playtext. Please note that definitions and slang are, by nature, flexible, and may change in specificity or connotation depending on who you’re talking to.  Lists are not comprehensive.

Beat one’s face
To apply the perfect amount of makeup, perfectly. For example: “her face is beat!”

Bring (It)
A challenge; call of defiance; “Come on down, you’re the next contestant…” Sometimes contestants are allowed to “call out” a rival

Come (for)
To challenge; “Don’t come for me, ’cause you don’t want it…”

Obtained by illegal means — credit card or check writing scams usually; “Miss Thing, that Galliano gown was crafted….” (synonym: Stunkus)

A house leader (without regard to gender)

Feel (it)
To be totally absorbed in the moment

Live (verb)
(Rhymes with “give”) to enjoy oneself immensely; “I lived at that last ball!”


Pay (it)
To ignore and move on, as in an unfavorable judges’ decision; “Pay it. We’ll get her after the ball”

That son or daughter most likely to take the lead as mother or father, should the current parents not continue their role; “Heir to the Throne”

Acknowledge or give credit; “No shade, but I don’t see it”.

Fictional character created to represent unfavorable elements of the ball scene: excessive shade, petty bickering, etc.

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