Walk For Me, Walk Walk Walk For Me!

The catwalk is a sacred place in Ballroom culture. Whether it’s a realistic raised platform or a cleared floor in a furniture-less room, the designated strip is a place that represents freedom, expression, confidence and, most importantly, love.

“The ball felt like an escape from the streets. The ballroom gives these kids a sense of freedom, to be free of who they are and express themselves – for that five or six-hour ball or that 15-minute walk on the runway.”

– Adrian Magnifique, Interview with Chantal Regnault 20/4/11

While we create and finesse choreography for the Ball portion of the play, we have been taking inspiration from real life Balls. There is an amazing collection of competition clips from all over the world and both our actors and design team have been using them as references. We have been particularly interested and invested in looking at footage of local Balls hosted by local Boston Houses. A special shout out to the House of Khan and House of St. Clair for their advocacy work in LGBTQIA+ health and wellness.

BAGLY (a youth led social support organization focused on ending LGBTQIA+ homelessness), in partnership with Legendary mother N.E Athena Khan and Legendary Father Tarik St. Clair, will be hosting The 5th Annual New England Awards Ball: The VMAs on Saturday April 28th. The event information can be found on their Facebook page. We look forward to what will undoubtedly be a powerful, talent filled and entertaining evening!



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